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What's new?

While still recognisably your Farmers Guardian, we’ve spoken to farmers on board and made a few changes and updates to the newspaper. Whether you’re a new reader or have been a VIP+ Member for years, Farmers Guardian will ensure you never miss anything from the world of agriculture as we delve behind the headlines.

With agriculture becoming more complex all the time, this double-page section seeks to analyse the big issues affecting agriculture, as well as showcasing the innovation which is transforming the industry.

Business has been reinvigorated with a new look and more of a commercial feel. By using infographics, graphs and charts, the section will make the hard-nosed world of agricultural business more digestible for farmers.

It will also keep farmers up to date with opportunities, whether it is new grants in conjunction with FG Grant Checker, the latest building regulations for farms, interest rate changes or market movements, it will analyse it all.

A direct response to the wishes of readers, this new section will take global issues and ask what they mean for UK farmers.

Run in partnership with our sister agricultural intelligence website Agrimoney.com, it will analyse why, for example, a bumper New Zealand lamb crop or drought in Ukraine’s wheat fields matter for UK farmers and what it means for markets here and abroad. Agriculture now operates on a global footing and FG will provide more information than anywhere else about what it means for the UK.

With the team working across Farmers Guardian and Arable Farming, there really is no one better to keep arable or mixed farmers up-to-date with the workings of the sector.

A revamped section now called FG Buy and Sell, will continue to bring you the best in classifieds. A regular Market Profile provides insight into the workings of each mart and a flavour of their weekly throughput.

Our reviews will be enhanced within our Farmers Guardian On Test section which will give all you need for your next major purchase.

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