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Welcome To The Farmers Guardian Scottish Edition

Welcome to a new dawn for Farmers Guardian. We are delighted to present our new-look Scottish Edition, bringing a new dimension to agricultural reporting especially for Scottish farmers.

As well as the best coverage of events across the UK, your new Farmers Guardian Scottish Edition will feature up to 32 pages dedicated to coverage of Scottish agriculture on a weekly basis, all with a great subscription saving of 185 and a FREE Tractor Toy!

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The news agenda has shifted, particularly in Scotland. With Brexit, the snap election and the calls for another independence referendum, the new Farmers Guardian Scottish Edition will provide specialist insight into any decisions made and will ask what they mean for you.

Your Farmers Guardian team already has strong links across Scottish agriculture, and the news agenda in this new publication will be given extra impetus by respected Scottish journalists, working alongside Farmers Guardian’s expert editorial team to help produce weekly content which shines a light on Scotland’s farming industry and agricultural politics.

So whether it’s the implications of Brexit and what it means for devolved administrations; the ongoing calls for independence by Nicola Sturgeon and the potential impact on cross-border trade; or perspective on issues such as land reform or Scottish livestock and cereal businesses, your new Farmers Guardian for Scotland has it all.

Ensure you stay informed about the agricultural landscape in Scotland. 

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